Aircraft Specs

General Configuration

  • 2 Place, Side by Side
  • Tail Dragger
  • Low Wing
  • Main Gear Retract
  • Steerable Tail Wheel
  • Side Stick Controls
  • Permanently Attached Wing
  • Carbon Fiber Construction


Wing Span           24 ft

Wing Airfoil        Modified NASA NLF (Natural Laminar Flow)

Wing Area          70 sq ft

Length                23 feet

Cabin Height     35 in

Cabin Width       because of the shape of the plane, it varies. Although two 200 lb passengers fit comfortably in the side by side staggered sitting arrangement.


Empty Weight     1600 lb

Gross Weight      2600 lb


Fuel Quantity      90 US gallons

Useful Load         1100lb of passengers/fuel/baggage

Baggage Capacity      some….

G Loading Limits  +6, -4


Brand                  LYCOMING

Type                    TIO-540-NXT

Power                 350 HP


Brand                  HARTZELL

Type                    3 Blade, Constant Speed



Cruise Speed    325 mph IAS

Stall Speed        90 mph IAS

Rate of Climb   3000 plus feet per minute

Take Off Distance        2500 ft. @ sea level

Landing Distance         3500 ft @ sea level

Fuel Consumption

At Full Power               35 gal/hr

At Cruise Setting        approx. 20 gal/hr